1010534_269253836562616_406785974_nI’m sure that many of you reading this will be aware of a 3 year old little boy called Mickaeel Kular who lived in Edinburgh.  On Wednesday no-one had ever heard this name, yet by Thursday he was known all over the world.  According to his mother, she put him to bed on Wednesday night and when she went into his room on Thursday morning, he was gone.

A huge manhunt was undertaken with many members of the local community going out searching for him over Thursday and Friday.  Then things took an awful turn just after midnight on Saturday when the police announced that the body of a 3 year old boy had been found in Kircaldy in Fife Scotland, not far from a bungalow where some of his family members lived.

Worse was to come, when it was announced that police were holding his mother and questioning in her in connection with his death.  Then last night at just gone 10.30pm they announced that Mikaeel’s mother had been charged and arrested in connection with his death.

I just can’t understand all this, and it has really upset me.  When I think of how much I wanted my Frankie, and how he would have been the most loved baby on this earth with everything he would ever want and need…well I just don’t have the words to be honest to describe what I feel and think about the mother of beautiful Mikaeel.  I think the entire country was rooting for him to be found safe and sound, and I hoped and prayed he would be, but it was not to be, and he is now another angel with God.

I have been so sad, low and bereft since I heard that Mikaeel had been found dead.  The poor little boy, he had his whole life ahead of him, he should have been safe and protected with his parents and family, and yet it is his mother who has been arrested and charged in connection with his death.  Not to mention what everyone who took part in the search for him must be feeling – one positive thing I saw in all of this was a community coming together to search for Mikaeel and giving whatever time they could to find him and ensure his safety.  They must all be absolutely devastated.

I wish I had more words to write about this tragic turn of events but right now I just don’t have the words to describe how sad and upset I am about this, that a mother should be involved in the death of her child just doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever.  Of course more may come to light to explain the sad and tragic circumstances of Mikaeel’s death.

My husband isn’t up yet but when he is I am going to suggest we go for a walk into town and light a candle for Frankie and for Mikaeel in Worcester Cathedral.  Frankie’s due date is next Wednesday, and I am going with my Dad at lunchtime on Wednesday to light one for Frankie on his actual due date as my husband will be at work, but I want to go and light one today.  The weather is gorgeous and there isn’t a cloud in the sky.

RIP Mikaeel, rest in peace sweet angel.  I hope you are up in heaven with my Frankie playing and making mischief as I write this xxxxx