A year ago today at approximately 3.30pm at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital, our world was turned completely upside down when we were told that Frankie would be born with a severe cleft lip and palate.

I can remember the feelings of shock and disbelief when we were told, of us being left in a room on our own for ages while a consultant was fetched, and my head spinning as it was explained to us in a very clinical way and a referral to Birmingham Women’s Hospital was made.

I got home, sat completely numb, but remember calling my friends from Liverpool and talking to them for ages. Thank you both so much for being there for me that night xxx I also came across the Cleft Lip And Palate Association, who gave me a lot of MUCH needed support in the coming days.

I didn’t get any photos from that scan, but the one below was done on Monday 30th September 2013 at Birmingham Women’s Hospital where you can quite clearly see Frankie’s cleft lip and palate.

I was worried about Frankie being bullied because of his cleft lip, the operations he would have, and what it would have meant for his life. Now, I wish that was all he had.  I miss him so much……