Through this blog “Frankie’s Legacy” my mission and vision is to help and support parents and families that have been affected by early pregnancy loss, stillbirth and neonatal death through blogging, article writing, awareness raising and carefully targeted campaigns in the media including “Communication Matters”, which aims to help improve communication between healthcare professionals and parents to be when delivering sensitive and in some cases bad news.

Additionally I also aim to raise awareness of cleft lip/palate, rare chromosome disorders and hyper fertility through educating the general public and changing the perception of these through awareness campaigns.

The support services I offer include:

  • 1-2-1 support for bereaved parents, mainly in the Worcestershire area, but I will consider travelling further afield to help those who need support.
  • Telephone and Skype support – please contact me via to arrange a mutually convenient time for this.  I also offer a Freephone number in the UK – 0800 772 0155.  My Skype name is “lisaventura” and I can be found on Skype via that name.

I can also put bereaved parents in touch with appropriate counsellors in Worcestershire and can pass on details of support groups if required.

Please contact me if you are a bereaved parent and would like to benefit from the services above.

DISCLAIMER – I am NOT a qualified counsellor.  I do not offer counselling services personally, but if you feel you need this I can put you in touch with appropriate counsellors.  My aim is to offer support from one bereaved parent to another. Additionally some of my posts on this blog may be distressing, if you find this to be the case this isn’t the blog for you, and I respectfully request that you leave this site and find appropriate blogs and information on the internet that you are more comfortable with.