11945618-three-blue-butterfly-morpho--isolated-on-white-backgroundI’m absolutely thrilled to announce the launch of a new monthly support group which will take place on the second Tuesday of each month, with the first meeting being on Tuesday 11th March 2014, upstairs in Bindles Worcester.  All meetings will start at 7.00pm.

Have you suffered an early pregnancy loss, stillbirth or neo-natal death?  Do you live in the Worcestershire area?

Frankie’s Legacy, in partnership with Peaceful Harmony and Worcestershire Acute NHS Trust, runs a monthly group to offer information, comfort and support to grieving parents who have experienced the death of their baby during pregnancy or after birth.  You are not alone.

We meet on the second Tuesday of every month upstairs in Bindles,  55 Sidbury, Worcester WR1 2HU.  We have a completely private upstairs area that is away from the main part of the venue.

The dates for 2014 are:

Tuesday 11 March
Tuesday 8  April
Tuesday 13  May
Tuesday 10  June
Tuesday 8 July
Tuesday 12  August
Tuesday 9 September
Tuesday 14 October
Tuesday 11 November


All meetings commence at 7.00pm.

Why should I attend a support group?

  • Grieving for your loss is hard work that takes time and drains energy.
  • Grieving parents want to know how long their pain will last.
  • Grieving parents want to talk to other parents who understand.  You are not alone.
  • This group helps parents feel less alone, overwhelmed and isolated during this difficult time.
  • This group offers grieving parents the opportunity to share complicated and intense emotions they are feeling with other parents who have experienced similar losses.  Griving can be a long process that should not be hurried.
  • The group can offer advice and resources with the benefit of hindsight.
  • It’s free.

Who leads the support group?

The group is run completely free of charge by peer-led parents who have grieved the loss of a child in partnership with Peaceful Harmony and Worcestershire Acute NHS Trust.

What can you expect from the group?

  • Compassionate support and comfort as parents share thoughts, feelings and experiences with other parents who truly understand.
  • Remembering those we have lost with words of comfort and lighting candles in their memory.
  • We can facilitate community outreach programmes, recommend books, websites and referrals to other resources in the area.
  • We can help you cope with the complex emotions of a subsequent pregnancy, and with the feelings of vulnerability that can frequently accompany a pregnancy following a loss.

 Who can attend the group?

Anyone who has suffered an early pregnancy loss, stillbirth or neo-natal death, no matter how recent or how long ago it occurred.  We are there for you at every stage of your grieving process.


If you would like further information about the group please contact Lisa Ventura, Group Founder on 01905 560207 or email support@frankieslegacy.org.uk.