Literally just 3 days before my husband and I received the news that Frankie would be born with a cleft lip, we attended the wedding of my close friends Steph and Rob in Bradford.  My husband is a keen photographer, so he took some photos of me and baby bump Frankie on display at the wedding:

Me & Baby Bump Frankie 22 Sept 13 - 3

I was about 5 months pregnant and you can just see the bump starting to form in this photo.

Me & Baby Bump Frankie 22 Sept 13 - 2


My husband captured the happiness I felt at my bump starting to grow and show perfectly in this photo.  It has taken a few weeks but I’ve finally got that glow and happiness back again.  The photo below was taken by my husband last night at a small gathering I had to celebrate my 40th birthday on Monday, and here I’m nearly 6 months pregnant:

Me & Baby Bump Frankie 12 Oct 13 - 1






















It has been a few weeks since I had that kind of smile and happiness on my face.