carmit bacharI was really happy this morning to log onto the Baby and Cleft Twitter account and find that Carmit Bachar from the girl band The Pussycat Dolls is now a follower on there!  My husband received our initial diagnosis at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital on Wednesday 25th September, and then literally a few days later on Sunday 29th September this article about Carmit appeared in the health section of The Mail On Sunday:–didnt-stop-growing-Pussycat-Doll.html

I am going to start a series of articles on “Baby And Cleft” about famous people who were born with cleft lip/palate, including Carmen, but for now I just wanted to highlight the fact that Carmen is following “Baby and Cleft” on Twitter and the recent article in The Mail On Sunday.

It was as if that article was timed perfectly to appear hot on the heels of our diagnosis, and it was the first thing I saw about a celebrity who also had cleft lip/palate.  Although at that time I hadn’t fully accepted it in my head, and I was still devastated by the diagnosis, this article was the first step in me finding out more about the condition and how it hasn’t held her back in any way.

Thank you Carmen!