When I returned to the Worcestershire Royal Hospital yet again on September 25th, this was the fateful day that we received the devastating news that Frankie had a cleft lip and possibly palate, and that I was going to be referred for an urgent scan up at Birmingham Women’s Hospital to get the diagnosis confirmed as they have better equipment.  I was so shocked and upset at that scan I didn’t take a photo away with me, but I did get one from the scan I had in Birmingham on September 30th:

Baby Frankie 23 Week Scan









This is a photo of his face and if you look closely you can see very clearly that Frankie does indeed have a cleft lip and the gap that hasn’t formed properly.

I am due to go back to Birmingham Women’s Hospital on September 28th for another scan, and for a 4D scan on November 6th at Babyvision in Shrewsbury.  I am even hoping to get a DVD of the 4D scan, so I may be able to post some video clips all being well.