The moment I found out I was pregnant and had a positive test I went straight to my GP who referred me for an early scan at 6 weeks due to my history of miscarriages, even though every indication was that those miscarriages were as a result of my ex-husband’s genetic condition.  Despite that I couldn’t help feeling very nervous in those early weeks, worrying constantly about every little thing and most of all, why I wasn’t experiencing many of the usual symptoms that accompanies pregnancy.  I kept saying to my husband, “I don’t feel sick, there must be something wrong” and I couldn’t relax at all.  I know now that I was just very lucky, but while I was symptomless in those early days I couldn’t help worry that something was wrong and I was going to lose him,

At 6 weeks I went to the Worcestershire Royal Hospital with my Dad for my first scan, I didn’t get any photos because they could hardly see anything (it was way too early) but they did confirm that there was a viable pregnancy, and even better, they picked up some fluttering that they thought might be an early heartbeat.  I was so happy!

Two weeks later I returned for a scan at 8 weeks, this time with my husband (and my Dad who waited in the Costa Coffee Shop just inside the hospital foyer) and we got a photo:

Baby Frankie 8 Week Scan

The two markers you can see on the photo are markers to measure our baby, I know it looks like just a blob in this photo but my husband and I were beaming with happiness when we left the hospital.  This time they even picked up a proper heartbeat!  The sonographer and midwife we saw at the early pregnancy unit said they were very happy with the progress of my pregnancy and that I didn’t need to return until my 12 week scan unless I wanted them to have a look at 10 weeks, for my own peace of mind because of the miscarriages.  While I was happy with everything, and knowing the hospital was happy too, I thought I would go back at 10 weeks for them to have another look – any excuse to see him on the screen and know he was okay!

So at 10 weeks I went back and got another photo:

Baby Frankie 10 Week Scan








Even at 10 weeks  our boy was beginning to look more like a proper baby and the heartbeat was very strong and healthy.

Two weeks later we returned to the hospital again for the big one – our 12 week scan.