A year ago you left us
And the pain is still so strong
Why did it have to happen?
It was just so very wrong

You were wanted so very much
We couldn’t wait for you to be here
We got your room all ready
And celebrated as the time drew near

And then our hearts were broken
As we were told your heart had stopped beating
That you had gone to be with the angels
And that we would no longer be meeting

I held you after you were born
Willing you to smile, or laugh, or cry
But I knew you wouldn’t do this
In my head I kept saying to you try, try!

I never wanted to say goodbye
I miss you so very much its true
Frankie you are my precious son
And I make this promise to you

I will love you forever and beyond
You will always be in my heart and mind
Your legacy and memory will live on
And hopefully in time I will find

The will to go on and live without you
I will never, ever forget
Happy first birthday in heaven son
I’m so very sorry that we never met

Your Daddy and I miss you so much
I hope the Angels are looking after you
We will meet you by the pearly gates
When our time to come to heaven is due

Love you Frankie, from your Mummy xxxxx