It is two years ago today since my wonderful husband Russell and I got married, and what a wonderful day it was! I can sum up the last two years in this line from Dickens “A Tale Of Two Cities” – “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” While we have had some amazing and very happy times, we have also of course had some absolutely awful times, especially with losing Frankie who we loved and wanted so much, his Grandad Allan and my cousins Brenda and Tony.

Despite everything, despite all the death and loss, despite all the grief we’ve done our best to get through the bad times together, and enjoy the happy ones. It hasn’t been easy by any stretch, but life isn’t a bed of roses and I think we’ve done incredibly well to be where we are now.  Here is to the next year….and beyond.

Love you so much sweetheart….you’re the best xxxxx