Keep CalmLast Saturday when my husband and I were travelling up north for our friend’s wedding, we had a “meeting” in the car about the way forward for this blog and website. For now it will remain as a blog so I can chart my journey and also will soon start to feature success stories and before/after photos from proud parents.

This is fine for my current stage of pregnancy (I’m now six months pregnant) and for when little Frankie is born, but we want to create a resource portal for everyone, so yesterday I registered and, as well as of course this site

All 3 sites will link together to create a positive portal of information for all ages and for anyone affected by cleft lip/palate. I’m not sure of timescales yet, but I think we’ll look to launch these next year all being well.

Other plans I have including writing a short e-book for parents who have received a diagnosis, which will be available for a small fee with a percentage of any money made going to CLAPA, a series of YouTube video clips and of course a programme of fundraising activities for CLAPA.

But for now, I’ll just be maintaining the blog and charting my journey.