Last Sunday I was having a sort out on my laptop hard drive and I came across the following photo of my Dad taken when he was little in Italy:


He is the one on the left, and his brother Enrico is on the right.  Enrico died tragically at the age of 21 in the 1950’s in Italy when the Asian Flu epidemic hit the country.

Isn’t my Dad cute in this photo?  Just look at the kid in his short trousers bless him!

I uploaded the photo to my Facebook page and tagged my Dad in it, so he showed my Mum the photo.  Yesterday morning when I saw my parents my Mum said to me, “Lise, your Dad’s hand is identical to Frankie’s in his 4D scan photos”.  At first I was a bit like, yeah right, it is probably wishful thinking on their part because we’ve lost him. But out of sheer curiosity I had a look at Frankie’s 4D scan photos, and sure enough, my Mum was absolutely right:


I cannot get over that Frankie’s hand in his 4D scan is identical to my Dad’s.  It always fascinates me to see what we inherit from our parents, I for example have inherited my Dad’s short thumbs but my Mum’s long slender fingers.  If you put Frankie’s hand against my Dad’s hand in these photo’s, they could be the same hand.  Absolutely amazing.

Frankie was very definitely like Grandad, like Grandson!