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Hospital Chaplain And Bereaved Mother Nominated In Inspirational Mother And Bereavement Worker Categories In Prestigious National Awards

A bereaved mother from Worcester and a Chaplain from the Worcestershire Royal Hospital have been nominated in the 2015 Butterfly Awards, a prestigious annual event which focuses on recognising and celebrating organisations and individuals who work tirelessly to raise awareness of early pregnancy loss, stillbirth and neonatal death and provide much needed support services for bereaved parents.

Rev’d David Southall, Chaplain of the Worcestershire Royal Hospital, has been shortlisted in the Bereavement Worker category along with Lisa Ventura, who has been shortlisted in the Inspirational Mother category.

The red carpet event, which will be held on Saturday 10th October 2015 at the Bank House Hotel in Worcestershire, was created by Jade Deverill, the Founder of Midwifery and Nursing Online and grieving mother Mel Scott, the Founder of Finley’s Footprints.  The event, although only 3 years old, is already attracting international attention and celebrity support.

Lisa’s only son, Francesco “Frankie” Enrico Ventura, was born sleeping when she was 33 weeks pregnant on 29th November 2013, and she also suffered 6 miscarriages prior to having Frankie, and 4 after his birth.  She now works to raise as much awareness as possible of early pregnancy loss, stillbirth and neonatal death through her blog, as well as promoting good communication channels between healthcare workers and bereaved parents via a campaign called “Communication Matters”.  She also works on a campaign called “Life After Loss”, which aims to highlight that life goes on after any death or loss, no matter how hard it is to endure.

Lisa Ventura said: “There are no winners in baby loss, especially in the Inspirational Mother and Inspirational Father categories, but the Butterfly Awards are so important to raise much needed awareness of early pregnancy loss, stillbirth and neonatal death.  These topics are at the forefront of many people’s minds at the moment with the current storyline in “Eastenders” of Shabnam and Kush losing their much wanted and loved baby to stillbirth.  Just as they were in the soap, my husband Russell and I were full of hopes and dreams when we found out we were expecting our son Frankie, only to have them shattered into a million pieces when he was born sleeping in November 2013.  1 in 4 women experience early pregnancy loss or stillbirth and I aim to break the silence of this and talk about our son and keep his memory alive through the campaigns I work on and blogging to raise awareness of early pregnancy loss, stillbirth and life after loss. I also had no hesitation in nominating Rev’d David Southall for a Butterfly Award, his support and compassion when we lost Frankie was incredible and if it wasn’t for him I would have been in a much darker place when I lost my son.”

Rev’d David Southall, Chaplain at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital, said: “In the course of my work I meet many parents who experience early pregnancy loss, stillbirth or neonatal death.  These couples and families are some of most inspirational people I have met in my life.  I’m moved by

these parents because they are facing one of the most challenging situations life can deal out.  I’m honoured to be nominated for a Butterfly Award and grateful to have a small part to play in the lives of others.”

Public voting for Rev’d David Southall and Lisa Ventura in the Bereavement Worker and Inspirational Mother categories is open until 9pm on Monday 21st September 2015 via these links:

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From Left To Right: Rev’d David Southall, Chaplain at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital and Lisa Ventura.

Photograph by Ollie, a volunteer at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital.


  1. The Butterfly Awards, created by Mel Scott and Jade Deverill of Healthcare & Babyloss Services, is a beautiful and inspirational ceremony which brings awareness of early pregnancy loss, stillbirth and neonatal death, a topic which is all too often hidden away, and give special recognition to those who work hard in this area to help and comfort those who have sadly lost a much wanted baby, at any stage of pregnancy or post-birth. The awards raise money for the charity “Towards Tomorrow Together” as well as awareness of early pregnancy loss, stillbirth and neonatal death.
  2. Photography, images, quotes, radio and media interviews from Rev’d David Southall and Lisa Ventura can be obtained by calling 01905 560207 or by emailing