fcrBPD0BI’m launching a new series on this blog called “Spotlight On”, where I will write about a person, organisation or company who have been very helpful to me and instrumental in my recovery as a bereaved mother.  For the first in my “Spotlight On” series I have picked “The Pinks & Blues”, run by a lovely lady called Cathy.

I came across The Pinks & Blues on Twitter a few months ago and their aim is to support those who have experienced the loss of their baby through miscarriage, and to raise awareness and funds to support the work of the Miscarriage Association in the West Midlands.  As someone who has been through multiple early miscarriages as well as the stillbirth of Frankie, this organisation was of particular interest to me.  Cathy who runs it also hosts 2 monthly support groups to help those who have been through miscarriage in the Birmingham area.

Cathy offers Skype counselling and I had a 2 hour chat with her last week.  It really helped to talk to someone else who has been through what I have, especially with the early miscarriages.  I feel so alone and ostracised sometimes, like no-one else understands the pain and hurt, but she really helped.  We also put the world to rights about a few other things as well, and the two hours went by really quickly.

So thank you Cathy for your time last week, and for talking to me for so long on Skype.  It is very much appreciated.

For more information about The Pinks & Blues, visit http://www.thepinksnblues.co.uk/Welcome.html or follow them on Twitter https://twitter.com/thepinksnblues.