Out of the blue a few weeks ago I received an email from a lady called Angela Phillips, who is part of the Droitwich Lions Ladies, saying that they would like to make a donation to Frankie’s Legacy.  I wrote back to her and said how lovely to receive her email, and gave her details of how they could donate.

Fast forward another few days and the post arrived as normal, and I found an envelope hand written to me at Frankie’s Legacy.  I was absolutely elated to find a cheque inside for £500, and so was my husband Russell.

Last week we met up with the lovely Angela Philiips and Lynda Townsend from the Droitwich Lions Ladies, and had our photos taken with them, along with other members of the Frankie’s Legacy Committee Sylvia Herbert, Natalie and Ian Ballard.

Angela Phillips  of Droitwich Lions Ladies  said: “Hearing Lisa on local radio really touched me and when I told our ladies about Frankie’s Legacy there was an overwhelming desire to help this wonderful cause.”

It is thanks to the overwhelming support of groups like the Droitwich Lions Ladies, St John In Bedwardine Church and everyone who has donated to us so far that we can how equip one delivery suite room at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital with items to make every couple who uses that room more comfortable when they go in to have their babies, and we aim to equip all ten rooms with comfortable chairs, fold out beds and other home comforts.

Every penny we raise will go towards enhancing the facilities in the delivery suite and help parents-to-be feel more comfortable and relaxed when they arrive to have a baby.  My husband Russell and I know from first-hand experience how important it is to feel as relaxed as possible during giving birth, and know these additions will make a huge difference to the experience and well-being of parents-to-be.

I’m so pleased to be so close to achieving our goal of equipping one delivery suite room at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital, and we will also be submitting our application to the Charity Commission to become a registered charity.  Next Tuesday night Russell and I will be meeting with Rachel Carter, Matron for Maternity Inpatients at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital, to discuss the items for the room and where we go from here with it.  I will be updating everyone with our progress on this blog!

From all of us at Frankie’s Legacy a VERY big thank you to Angela, Lynda and the Droitwich Lions Ladies!

For more information about the Droitwich Lions Club and Droitwich Lions Ladies please visit

Photo from left to right: Natalie Ballard, Russell Ventura, Angela Philips, Lisa Ventura, Lynda Townsend, Sylvia Herbert and Ian Ballard.