Andrew GreenOne of my close friends is a lovely gentleman by the name of Andrew Green.  I first met Andy when I was involved in a music festival where I live, and he donated some money towards some workshops we put on as part of the festival.  I first met him on the night we gave some money raised during the festival to a couple of local charities and we have been firm friends ever since.

Andy suffers from anxiety and finds it very difficult to get out of the house, so every so often I try to go and see him and bake him one of my chocolate fudge cakes (it has been a while since I have done that so it is high time I made some time for another visit soon).  But we keep in touch on facebook.

The other day I was really happy to receive the following poem in my email inbox from him:

O! Francesco Enrico!
I trust you’ll really know
How highly you are treasured,
And feel the deep glow
Of your parents pleasure,
And yearly grow
To see your great worth by…..
Their loving measure
October 2013

I was so touched by this I had a tear in my eye, and after a day or two I, or rather Frankie, penned this response to Andy:

O! My Uncle Andrew Green
Thank you for being so keen
And writing me a little verse
I love my parents, I could have far worse
But I’m as happy as happy can be
To know I have such wonderful parents, friends and family
I am looking forward to meeting you
When I’ve made my entrance into the world and all is new
I have all these people who love me so
Who cannot wait to welcome me and I know
Just how treasured I am by many
And how much my arrival is awaited already 🙂
Francesco Enrico 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
October 2013

Thank you Andy for your lovely poem, and for keeping in touch.  Chocolate fudge cake and a visit to Onety-One will be on the cards very soon I promise 🙂 xxxxxxx