Now its getting closer to the launch event, we thought it would be a great idea to highlight some of the reasons we are creating this charity, and give you a better understanding of what experiences we have had that gave us the inspiration.

When we arrived at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital to give birth to our stillborn son, Frankie in November 29th last year, we felt that although we had excellent treatment, we could do something to improve the facilities.

One of our aims is to provide comfortable chairs to the father or birthing partner. As a father, being by the side of my wife Lisa for the duration of the delivery which was around
2-3 days, the chair provided was something like a barbers stool (pictured) which did nothing to help feel comfortable during the many hours of delivery.

Hospital Stool

We aim to replace the “bar stools” with appropriate chairs such as:

‘Boston’ Waterfall Back Reclining Armchairs
A proven integral part of patient well-being is ensuring the highest level of comfort and safety during treatment and recovery – and indeed at all times during their time in hospital. Right from the design stage, patient comfort has been of prime importance ensuring the ‘Boston’ is suitable for a wide range of applications throughout the Hospital. 

chair1-a   chair1-b

The ‘waterfall’ style backrest is widely recognised as providing an optimum level of comfort and support for patients. These chairs are available with either manual or electrical recline mechanisms, and the electrical model has a rise recline mechanism which tilts the chair forward to assist elderly and disabled patients in exiting the chair. The robust, simple to use adjustment and the ‘home feel’ design ensure these models are popular with patients and staff alike.


‘ReadyBed’ Sleeper Chair
Once seated one is pleasantly surprised at the comfort and support offered by this beautiful piece of furniture. What really makes it stand out from the crowd however is that hidden beneath the seat is a full length pull-out bed.

chair2-a   chair2-b

All surfaces of this great product are fully washable, and a 5% solution of bleach can be used to aid infection control. An additional benefit is the in-built castor system, which allows movement of the ‘Readybed’ for cleaning.

As you can see from the images, the difference in comfort between the “stool” and our proposed chairs is night and day.

We are hoping to raise enough money to fund 10 of these chairs so that everyone who uses the delivery suite at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital will be as comfortable as possible while attending to deliver their baby.