999637_10153925748325106_1678292860_nI haven’t posted as much on here as I usually do recently, not because I don’t want to, but because my husband is going through a very stressful time work wise and because of it I’ve had a bad case of writers’ block.  We support each other through thick and thin and normally in the past I could have kept going, but since Frankie I don’t have much in the way of reserves and so if I’m putting everything I’ve got into one area, then inevitably another will suffer.  Unfortunately it has been writing this blog, which is the one thing that helps me greatly, and I already feel a bit better writing down these few lines.  So I really should make sure I keep writing it, no matter how bad I’m feeling.

On top of this my work at BT has been quite busy as our year end is next week and I’ve been preparing lots of reports ready for our kick-off event on March 31st, which is another reason why I haven’t written in this blog much.  I won’t leave it so long from now on.

10003504_10153925748345106_122840126_nSo, what else has been happening?  Well last weekend my husband and I had the pleasure of helping Lisa Clarke and her husband Phil from Towards Tomorrow Together make up a batch of 40 memory boxes to take to the Worcestershire Royal Hospital, Russells Hall Hospital in Dudley and The County Hospital in Hereford.  At first I was struck that each box that we put together and created represented a life that wouldn’t make it into this world, and that made me really sad and upset, but then I realised that if we weren’t making these boxes to give to bereaved parents when they left hospital they would nothing, and that was what kept me going.

My husband very much enjoyed the process of making the boxes up and I think with everything he’s been through recently it gave him something else to focus on and to think about that was very therapeutic for him.  It was also lovely to spend some time with Lisa Clarke and her husband who are both lovely, and I hope to do more with them in the future and spend more time with them.   Lisa and Phil tragically lost their daughter Alexandra when Lisa was full term in her pregnancy and she now runs www.alexandraangelgifts.co.uk, a beautiful website selling items to remember those who have been born who are no longer with us.

1979486_10153925749010106_769355541_nWe took 14 boxes up to the Worcestershire Royal Hospital on Tuesday and gave them to Trudy Bartlett who is the new specialist bereavement midwife there.  Trudy is also lovely and came to the first Worcestershire Bereavement Support Group meeting, which we also launched earlier this month.  I can’t believe how busy this month has been for Frankie’s Legacy, work and other things.

Then last weekend I got really upset when I realised it was Mother’s Day soon and wondered whether the day would apply to me as I didn’t have Frankie with me.  I asked some of my facebook friends who all said that it definitely does apply to me as I am a Mum because of Frankie, but it will be so upsetting that day to know that I won’t have him in my arms or hold him.

Last Tuesday evening I finally had the pleasure of meeting up with a fantastic lady called Hannah from Toast Events.  We’d been trying to meet up but through illness and other things we just hadn’t managed to meet until the other night, and I was so glad we did.  Hannah hopes to be able to help with some events and fundraising through her business and I’m so grateful for her help and support, as it means the world to me in these crucial early stages of setting up and helping us achieve our charitable aims and goals.  Lovely to finally meet you Hannah!

And as for today, my husband and I were filmed by James McDonald from All About Worcester who is very kindly making a video for us to show at the launch event for Frankie’s Legacy as a charity.  We thought at first that we would stand up at the event and tell our story, but I don’t think we would be able to hold it together, so a video would do the job much better than we would on the night.  We are extremely grateful to James for his patience today, especially when he had to stop filming so I could compose myself, and we can’t wait to see the finished result.  We will be debuting the video at our launch event and posting it on here after that.

So that about brings me up to date, but every single day, no matter how busy I am, this is how I feel: